The direction of coming by a car


Circumference map

  • National Highway 1st to "Minami Nagasaka" intersection to the north, immediately turn right for the first time of the signalized intersection to the east

Wide-area map

  • about 1 minutes to Mei-Ni-Kan Highway Arimatsu Inter-east
  • about 10 minutes to Mei-Yon National Highway Arimatsu Inter-north
  • about 20 minutes to Nagoya high speed Kasadera Inter-east

The direction of coming with a means of transportation

  • Tokonamesen Meitetsu from Central Japan International Airport "Centrair" ⇒ (about 30 minutes) ⇒ transfer to Nagoyahonsen Meitetsu in "Jingumae" ⇒ (about 10 minutes) ⇒ "Meitetsu Arimatsu Station"
  • transfer to Nagoyahonsen Meitetsu from "JR Nagoya Station" ⇒ (about 30 minutes) ⇒ "Meitetsu Arimatsu Station"
  • transfer from "JR Toyohashi" to Nagoyahonsen Meitetsu ⇒ (about 50 minutes) ⇒ "Meitetsu Arimatsu Station"

☆ is about 5 minutes walk from Arimatsu Meitetsu Station.